Contributions to Google Maps

I ama Level 10 local Guide

I have been contributing to google maps since 2011

Before Google Local Guide program there was a program called Map Maker. As I have been contruting since then I consider myself a long time contributor

I upload photos, create, edit and review places.

In 2019 Apri I have more than 140,000 points on google maps with more thn 21500 photos, 412 reviews · 197 ratings .


One of the interesting part of my contribution is 360° photos.

Contributed more than 4000 numbers of 360° images

I emphasis more on hitorical sites, monuments, ancient heritage site.

Worked on many temples and old monuments. I am listing them below.

Some places that I have worked on

Do you want to add images to a place, create a virtual tour of an important public place liek template, school, histotical site, Ashram, govt office, college? Click to send me message with details. I will do it for free if there is public interest and importance involved.